Perfect Bifold Door Installation

We at Securalux want to help you get the most value out of your home, business or commercial property. Our aluminium bifold doors make a great solution for excess noise in a building, as well as darkness and lack of organisation in a space.

A bifold door installation makes the perfect solution for dividers to segregate different areas inside a building. They are also great dividing doors and windows, giving you seamlessly large glass walls to look out to your home garden. Conversely, use them to enclose an outdoor alfresco dining area in the occasion the weather suddenly changes. Like let's face it as it often does in Sydney.

Securalux bifold doors are made here in Sydney with the highest quality materials sourced from Italy and fashioned in renowned European design. Giving you an incredible installation to investment, for the style, comfort and function of your business or home.

Why Bifold Doors?

Made with aluminium frames and glass, bifold doors in many ways look like large windows but with hinges that allow them to fold up, revealing space to walk by. Many people love the look of bifold doors for their clean and modern appearance, as well as the abundant light and visibility they bring in.

Residential Bifold Door Installations

Bifold doors make effective dividers in a room to dampen noise, as well as to break up and organise space. You can install bifold doors to create an easily removable barrier around the living room, so noise from the tv is dampened, allowing you to sleep more sweetly at night.

In a home, a bifold door installation is a common door of choice to place between the living room and backyard. Seamlessly bringing your beautiful outdoors to the limelight, for stylish entertaining and easily accessible wide-open spaces.

Bifold door installations also make a perfect solution for enclosing alfresco areas such as your patio, pergola or deck, protecting them from the weather or robbery.

Office Bifold Door Installations

Bifold door installations make a popular installation in the office, for flexible working spaces. They make it easy to change and adjust the area for soundproofed meetings or a general quiet working space.

Commercial Bifold Door Installations

Installing bifold doors is a common solution restaurant and café owners employ, whether they have an outdoor or indoor eating space. In the case of bad weather, awnings or a pergola and bifold doors allow them to easily adjust eating areas to help keep guests warm and dry, even while enjoying the thrill of being outside. They also make a secure solution to lock up your business at the end of your working day.

The Experts in Aluminium Function and Design

Australian owned and operated, Securalux designs, manufactures and installs the highest standard of aluminium windows, doors (and louvres) to the requirements of each client. We use only the highest quality materials sourced from Italy which we pair with stunning European design.

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