Fantastic Custom Windows in Darling Point

We at Securalux are the experts in doors and windows.

We can design, manufacture, and install a window that you custom order in Darling Point for your home, business or office.

With the many styles, glass options and colours we offer, as well as our well-seasoned expertise, we at Securalux can be your partner in windows

Window styles that we offer at Securalux Custom Window Designs

When you decide to custom order a window in Darling Point at Securalux, you have a multitude of options available to you in function, ventilation and style.

Casement Windows - Casement windows are swung open and are popular in pairs so that they can part at the centre.

  • Sliding Windows - Sliding windows horizontally slide open or close. With their design, they are wide, their fixings are neatly hidden away, and they are very easy to clean. In the sliding windows we design, both slashes can be slid or pushed away.
  • Bifold Windows - Bifold windows like bifold doors are renowned for how well they can be pushed aside to offer wide sweeping views, great ventilation, and light. You can make a beautiful glass splashback by replacing this feature in your kitchen with bifold windows. Allowing you to enjoy the sweet morning or evening air when you work in the kitchen.
  • Tilt-and-Turn Windows -Turn and tilt windows have a sleek compact design, but they are also known well for their versatility in function. You can tilt them open at the top or swing them wide like casement windows allowing you to choose how you enjoy the outside breeze or wind.
  • Awning Windows - Easily operable from the bottom, awning windows are a popular choice for many. They also let you enjoy the cool air during a runny day, without letting rain into the house.

Glass types-

  • Double Glazing Double glazing is a glass installation technique where two glass panels are installed with a separate air barrier in the middle that acts as a regulative insulation barrier. Double glazing is popular for custom windows in Darling Point, renowned for its insulative effectiveness, both with temperature and sound.
  • Single Glazing Unlike double glazed glass, this installation uses only one panel of glass. For this reason, it is cheaper, but it is also significantly less energy efficient than double glazing. Single glazed glass can also be given a filter to produce some insulative effect.
  • Laminated Glass Laminated glass is made by pasting two sheets of glass together with resin. When this glass breaks, instead of shattering, laminated glass continues to stay compact by sticking to the plastic inner core.
  • Toughened Glass Toughened glass is significantly stronger than regular glass - by 4-5 times. For this reason, toughened glass makes great security windows to prevent break ins and robberies.

Colour options

At Securalux we also provide several colour options for powder coated aluminium as well as for your new custom windows in Darling Point. So, you can customise your windows to complement the exterior of your house.

Free measure and quote

With so many options at your fingertips, it's perfectly normal to not know where to start.

Our experts are happy to meet with you and tell you about what options they think are suitable or optimal for your house, office or business. Just contact us on 0412 993 256 or fill out the form to get in touch. We can come over to your location and give you a free measure and quote.