Elegant Look Custom Windows in Rose Bay

From ample natural light to a cool breeze, a well-placed and designed window can make a tremendous impact in any room or hallway.

At Securalux, we design, manufacture, and install commercial-grade custom windows for homes and businesses in Rose Bay using the highest quality architectural materials and hardware.

Combining beauty, fine craftsmanship, and efficiency, our custom windows are sure to elevate the style and function of your building.

All our products require only minimal maintenance and are rust free. So, in addition to their stunning design, they are easy to look after and each come with a long warranty.

Types of window designs we offer Custom Design Windows in Rose Bay

Casement Windows

Casement windows open sideways, for a quick and easy way to let in a cool breeze. They also provide a weathertight seal when closed to stop the outside air from getting in.

Sliding Windows

Clean and modern, with function fixings concealed by its design, sliding windows are one of the most popular windows in Australia. They easily glide open and are very simple to clean. Both slashes, left and right, can easily be slid away for more light and air.

Bifold Windows

Able to be neatly tucked away when open, bifold windows let in a great amount of light, air filtration and sweeping panoramic views. Bifold windows are a common choice for contemporary kitchens to connect a counter out to a garden or roofed patio area.

Tilt and Turn Windows

A tilt and turn window offers two options for opening one from the top and the other from the side. Many enjoy this type of window for the precision they can have with ventilation and air flow. Tilting open the window from the top allows you to get rid of the hot air that gets trapped at the top of your ceiling; allowing you to make your property cooler without big direct gusts of wind.

Awning Windows

Following the shape of awnings, these windows open from the bottom and mimic a slanted roof shape. They are a versatile design, able to be used with other window types for larger windows and make a great window choice for locations that would otherwise be hard to reach.

Freedom of design

We give you boundless options in customising your new windows at Securalux. With a large variety of colours available in powder coats or glass. Our skilled and experienced team are experts at what they do. They will be able to help assist you in making a decision at each step with our 22 years' experience in doors and windows.

Types of glass-

We offer four options for glass in your new custom windows in Rosebay, including:

  • Double glazing
  • Single glazing
  • Laminated glass
  • Toughened glass

Noise Dampening

Our doors and windows will also provide you and your family some added peace and quiet from planes, cars and neighbours. The doors and windows at Securalux have been tested by Unisearch at Kensington NSW and been given a class in reducing aircraft noise.

Why Securalux?

Our team has been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom windows for our clients in Rose Bay for many years. With almost 50 years of experience in building and construction, we understand what people are looking for out of their windows to improve their home.

Contact us now on 0412 993 256 to get started with a free measure and quote today!