Custom Make Unique Windows in Vaucluse with Securalux

Windows are the perfect solution for when your home or building needs more air or light. In addition to their function, they can also be used creatively as a design option to accompany doors or replace the splashback in your kitchen.

We at Securalux can be your partner in creating custom windows in Vaucluse.

We offer the highest quality of service and product in the windows for our clients. If you can think of a style and design, Securalux has the tools, expertise and different glass types to get the job done.

Our specialities in Windows

  • Casement Windows Sideways or door-like function
  • Sliding Windows Slide open and close
  • Bifold Windows Can fold away for clear unobstructed air and light
  • Tilt-and-Turn Windows Can both be tilted open at the top or swung open sidewards
  • Awning Windows Open from the bottom at a tilt

Different types of Glass

  • Double Glazing - Double glazing uses two panels of glass with the option of an intended barrier of air and space in the middle to improve insulation. This air space is available in 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. 12mm is the most popular with two layers of 4mm glass panels. Clients can choose to have this spacer vacuumed or filled with gas.
  • Single Glazing - Single glazing uses only one panel of glass, which doesn't provide as much strength or insulation.
  • Laminated Glass- When shattered laminated glass stays together by attaching to the plastic vinyl layer in the middle.
  • Toughened Glass - Toughened glass, as can be expected by the name, is made to be 4-5 tougher than ordinary glass.

Freedom of Colours and Design

We provide multitude options in colour, shape and texture in the custom windows we make for people in Vaucluse. 

Powder coats- We can powder coat the aluminium frames of our windows to almost any colour.

Glass colours- In addition to glazing, laminated and toughened glass, we can also manufacture glass in different colours to work with the style of your home or location.

Glass textures- Textures and patterns in glass can come in a lot of variety from frosted glass, linear and splash patterns.

The Right Window for Your Home

Our experts in Securalux personally work with you to recommend the right window and glass type to suit your home and location. Different filters and glazing can play a big role in keeping your house comfortable, for e.g. -

Warm -Double glazing provides an effective insulation to help maintain heat in your home, keeping it comfortable and warm in winter.

Cool - The same insulation reduces the amount of heat that comes into the house from the outdoors. As well as making the cold air from the AC last longer.

Quiet The double- glazed windows we create and install at Securalux have been found to effectively reduce aircraft noise by Unisearch in Kensington NSW.

Bright - The windows we create properly lets in a lot of natural light.

UV Protection - Our windows offer great UV protection indoors, as well as protecting furniture from fading.

Aesthetic - Made in stunning clean and crisp designs.

Anytime you are looking for new custom windows in Vaucluse, our team can come to your premises to give you a free measure and quote.

Why Us?

At Securalux, we are an Australian owned and operated company with over 22 years of experience in windows and doors.

We import the highest quality materials from Italy and manufacture our aluminium windows here locally with incredible European design.

Contact us on 0412 993 256 or fill out the online form, and we'll get back to you shortly!