Amazing Door Installation Services in Edgecliff

Lightweight, strong and versatile, aluminium boasts incredible possibilities for door installation designs in Edgecliff.

With us, Securalux as your partner, you can create fashionable and functional doors that increase the value of your property. Creating impressive interior views that will stun and welcome guests. Try using casement or French doors with some additional windows to turn your patio into an additional sunroom to enjoy. Conversely, you can use bifold or stacker doors to effortlessly connect your living room to your deck.

Securalux doors are always designed, made and installed with both luxury and function in mind. As a company, we pride ourselves in offering doors that offer both excellent views and security.

Why Securalux?

With over two decades in the design, manufacture and installation of doors and windows, Securalux is an expert in helping you add the final touches to your home. After contacting us, our professional team goes out to your house to measure the place of application, discuss your options, and give you a free quote.

All our products are made locally with quality materials from Italy, combined with stunning European design.

Elevate your Establishment with Contemporary Function and Design

Our products are made with the utmost quality, attention and care in NSW. All our doors are custom made and designed for the express purpose of the client.

We can make aluminium doors to match any size, colour or design. Talk to our experts for more information about our door installation services in Edgecliff.

Casement doors

Casement doors offer a stylish entryway to your backyard or balcony from your living room, that brings the outdoors closer to home. Made from two glass framed panels, casement doors swing open up in the centre creating a great frame for photographs.

French doors

French doors are a highly sought door installation in Edgecliff. Their boxed windowpane design makes them a beloved design to accompany rustic, contemporary alfresco spaces, and immaculate European gardens.

Sliding doors

The modern design of sliding doors often makes this door installation popular for homes with a pool or a limited but finely designed alfresco space. As they easily slide away in spot, they take up virtually no space to close or open, making them ideal in these tighter areas. Both slashes of our sliding doors can slide.

Stacker doors

While stacker doors do a lot to resemble sliding doors, they are also thinner so the door has more panels that can operate and slide away to reveal a bigger entry space.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors can be pushed aside to virtually remove any barrier from your indoor and outdoor spaces in a jiffy. However, they also take up more space to store at the side as well as to fold partially away.

Security Doors

Security doors have secure locks and a strong structure that help prevent a break in. At Securalux, we offer multiple designs to add to your property in protection and luxurious style.

At Securalux, we specialise in a large variety of doors, windows and louvre shutters -

  • Casement Windows and Doors
  • Sliding Windows and Doors
  • Bifold Windows and Doors
  • Operable louvre shutters
  • Tilt-and-Turn Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Stacker Doors
  • Security Doors
  • French Doors
  • Fly Screens

Types of glass

  • Double Glazing
  • Single Glazing
  • Laminated Glass
  • Toughened Glass

Reach out to our team today on 0412 993 256 to talk about a door installation in Edgecliff and let's get started!