Leading Door Installation in Woollahra

As an entry point into your home, your door serves a lot of purposes in privacy, security and style. When you are thinking about installing a new door, it is important you consider its specialised attributes for the best style and function. Additionally, you should keep in mind the amount of space you have to work with.

The people of Woollahra especially love Securalux door installations for their high noise dampening rating, making them suitable for homes near planes or busy roads.

We at Securalux design, manufacture and install doors to the highest quality and standard for homeowners and builders all across NSW. Securalux doors are rust free and low maintenance, for easy and stylish Sydney living. They offer many great benefits such as light, noise dampening, and tasteful European design.

Door Installations Specialties

  • Casement doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Stacker doors
  • Security Doors
  • French doors
  • Fly Screens

We at Securalux can provide a lot of options in door installations for our clients in Woollahra. Our team can offer you a free measure and quote for each order. Where we also discuss your preferences and requirements, and work with you to create the right door for your building. All our products are made here locally, with the highest quality materials sourced from Italy.

The Shared Benefits of Securalux Doors 

Bringing you light, privacy and charm, Securalux doors provide a multitude of ways to add value to your home or business.


Eastern Sydney makes a beautiful place to live in with lush greenery and beautiful birds. However, many Eastern Suburbs unfortunately are also neighbours with traffic and busy airports. Our doors at Securalux have been tested by Unisearch in Kensington NSW, achieving a sound transmission class in dampening the sound of passing aircraft. So, with Securalux doors, you can enjoy all the beauty and comfort of your home along with some added peace and quiet.

Natural light 

When everyone is trying to figure out ways to reduce their impact, employing natural sources and solutions at home is an easy way to contribute such as using natural light. Sliding, stacker and bifold doors especially do wonders in letting in lots of natural light. Conversely, you could consider a casement or French door installation between your living room and backyard in Woollahra.

Insulation With glazing, the glass in these doors can provide great thermal insulation to help maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. It as well provides protection for your family from UV rays.


Bifold doors often include a multi-point locking system which make it virtually important to lift out of position. Therefore, they are a secure option for a glass door installation for your backyard in Woollahra. Combining both classical refinement and security.

Securalux also designs and installs security doors for homes and offices around Woollahra. Their appearance deters intruders and are made to be tough to break open or break into.


Glass and aluminium doors have never gone out of style. With their clean, crisp design and clear visibility of the outdoors, Securalux doors are sure to elevate the beauty and experience of your home.

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