Fancy Double Glazed Windows in Bellevue Hill

Securalux is the expert in double glazed windows and doors.

Double glazed windows are the standard for windows in homes and buildings across Australia. Made and designed for insulation, they provide a modern and cost-effective solution to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house.

We have been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom windows for people in Bellevue Hill for over 22 years. As an Australian company, we pride ourselves in creating our products here locally. We source the highest quality materials from Italy, combining them with highly sought and stunning European design.

Furthermore, we ensure quality at every step for a highly refined finish.

At Securalux, we offer multiple options for you to choose from in style and design to suit your building, location and climate.

Window styles that we offer in Bellevue Hill

  • Casement
  • Sliding
  • Bifold windows
  • Tilt and turn
  • Awning windows

What are double glazed windows?

Double glazed glass is installed by fitting in two glass panels with the choice of a deliberate air gap in between. The two layers of glass allows for better insulation to reduce heat absorption and the amount of sound that can pass through. We can also infuse the gap with a specialised non-toxic gas during installation that also further elevates its insulative effectiveness. Alternatively, we can vacuum seal this air spacer.

This space is available in sizes starting from 5mm, 8mm, 10mm to 12mm. We find that a 12mm gap with two 4mm panels of glass is the most common choice for our customers. With often a total of 20mm glass.

Why double glazed windows?

While double glazed windows are more expensive than single glazing, they are also an investment that pay for themselves.

  • Thermal Insulation

Double glazing insulation reduces the amount of heat that is absorbed in the summer and how much heat escapes during the winter. For this reason, double glazing windows are regarded as a great solution for keeping your home or building comfortable.

  • Acoustic Insulation

In addition to maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in your home, the double-glazing windows we create also have been found to reduce passing aircraft noise by Unisearch at Kensington NSW. Making double glazing windows a perfect solution to dampen vehicle and neighbour noise in Bellevue Hill.

  • Energy Efficient

The effectiveness of double glazed windows for light and insulation increase the energy efficiency of your house. Cutting the amount of energy, you spend on keeping your home comfortable.

  • Reduce Energy Bill

In addition to the reduction of energy you need to use by installing double glazed windows in Bellevue Hill, you also get to save more money off your energy bills.

  • Improves Air Quality

The two panel structure and design of double glazed windows in Bellevue Hill greatly reduces the chance for condensation on your windows, preventing the opportunity for your windows to develop fungi or mould.

  • Security

Double glazed windows offer greater security to your home, giving two layers that burglars that have to break through to get in. Any glass breakage causes noise and depending on the toughness of the glass, also adds time. The central air gap in these windows also acts as a shock absorber making the glass tougher to break. You can also combine this installation with toughened glass to make windows that are even tougher to break into.

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