Stylish Double Glazed Doors in Liverpool

We at Securalux are the experts in double glazed doors and windows in Liverpool.

As an Australian company based in NSW, all our products meet all Australian standards. Sourcing the highest quality materials from Italy, we make our products here locally with sophisticated European design.

Double glazed doors add a lot of value to a property in Liverpool - giving you style, visibility and a natural source of light with the added security and insulation of double glazed glass. This glazing is available in different styles and designs -

  • Casement doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Stacker doors
  • Security Doors
  • French doors

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is a glass installation method that uses two glass panels instead of one within a frame, with a deliberate gap between them. You can exercise a choice for an air spacer between these two panels that is either vacuumed or filled with an insulative gas. With the size for the gap starting from 5mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm. The most common installation is a 12mm gap with two layers of 4mm, totalling 20mm of glass.

The result is an effective and strong barrier that hinders the entry of heat, noise, moisture or uninvited guests.

In doors, double glazing makes a modern and effective solution for both house design, comfort and security. Allowing you to have naturally lit hallways with high sophistication with ease.
For more information, read more about the benefits of double glazed doors in Liverpool below.

Benefits of Double-Glazed Doors

Natural Light - Glass doors allow you to welcome a lot of natural light into your home. Thus, they help make your room or hallway more inviting and save you from spending more money on energy.

Noise - Double glazed doors can also play a role in dampening the noise outside your house or building. Our doors and windows at Securalux have been tested by Unisearch at Kensington NSW and been given a class in reducing aircraft noise.

Insulation - Double glass doors and windows in Liverpool are highly known for their insulative ability to maintain a pleasant climate in the house. Stopping heat outside from getting in and preventing heat inside from getting out.

Security - Double glass is notoriously hard to break into. There are two layers of glass that one would first have to break through to get through. Adding more time and sound to their attempts to get in.

Reduce - interior damage Direct sunlight can fade the colour of furniture like wood and upholstery, as well as escalate its deterioration. However, double glazing helps prevent UV radiation from getting into the house. It as well as reduces the level of direct heat in the home, which helps keep your furniture intact for longer.

Style - There is no denying the appeal of sleek and see-through glass doors. Whether for your garden or to create a marvel of your front porch, glass doors add a level of prestige to your home.

Add value - The added benefit of these features also extends to the resell price of your home. 

Sustainability - With a more manageable temperature in the home or building you can use and spend less on-air conditioning or heating. Making this an energy efficient investment that both reduces the money you later spend and your impact.

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