Custom Designed Double Glazed Windows in Waverley

We at Securalux specialise in creating double glazing solutions for doors and windows in Waverley.

Based in NSW, our company manufactures windows in Australia using the highest-grade materials from Italy and classically beloved European designs. Double glazed windows are renowned for their secure and insulative properties to add value to your home or building and make it more energy efficient.

The Key Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Thermal Insulation

The two-glass layer and air gap structure of double glazed windows in Waverley make them effective in maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home, office or business. This insulative barrier reduces heat loss or gain in the building against the differing elements outside.

This gap or air spacer is available in the sizes 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. With the option to vacuum seal it off or have it filled with an insulative gas. The most common option is often a 12mm spacer with two panels of 4mm glass.

Acoustic Insulation

At Securalux, our double glazed windows were also given a class in reducing aircraft noise after being tested by Unisearch at Kensington NSW. These windows thereby can help dampen outdoor noise from reaching your house.

Energy Efficient

By being able to create and maintain a more comfortable, workable condition in your building, you can readily use less energy via A/C, fans or heating. Thereby reducing your environmental impact.

Reduce Energy Costs

With less reliance on your air conditioning and heating, you cut costs on your energy bills.

Low Maintenance

Double glazed windows reduce condensation, creating a healthier atmosphere with no mould or fungi growth on windows. Giving you windows that are cleaner and easier to look after.


Double glazing windows in Waverley make a reliable solution to improve the strength and security of a building or home. A burglar needs to break through two layers of glass to get through to your building, also adding further to the sound, effort and time of the endeavour.

The inner air core of this installation further absorbs the shock of attempted break ins, making it tougher to create impact. The aluminium frames are strong and durable, and therefore difficult to break into to lift the glass up and away. To further increase the security of these windows, you can also pair this installation style with toughened glass.

Window styles that Securalux design, create and install in Waverley -

  • Casement Side opening windows
  • Sliding Slide open windows
  • Bifold Fold open and fold away windows
  • Tilt-and-Turn Tilt open or swing sidewards windows
  • Awning Bottom opening windows

Types of glass -

In addition to the double glazing that we offer for windows in Waverley, at Securalux, we also offer a variety in other types of glass, such as:

  • Single glazing
  • Laminated glass
  • Toughened glass

Specialised Experts in Double Glazing

We at Securalux offer our double glazed windows in Waverley in different colours and textures. Our experts can work with you to create a personally customised window to perfectly suit your building and location. If you have any doubts or queries about attaining double glazed windows in Waverley, feel free to get in touch!

You can call us on 0412 993 256 today. Book an appointment for a free measure and quote!