Chic Double Glazed Doors in Woolloomooloo

The experts of Securalux can design, produce and install your custom double glazed doors for your home, office or business in Woolloomooloo. Giving you a variety of options in door styles, such as casement, sliding, bifold, stacker, security, and French doors. With 22 years of experience in doors and windows, we have the tools, skills and expertise to ensure a high-quality finish in your doors, every time.

Why Securalux?

We are an Australian company based in NSW, manufacturing windows, doors and louvres locally in Australia. We import the quality materials behind our products from Italy and craft them with refined European style and design.

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Why should you install Double Glazed Doors?

Double glazing uses a specific glass installation that fixes two panels of glass into a frame with a deliberate gap in-between. This type of installation provides more security, comfort and insulation than single glazing glass. This gap or spacer is available in several sizes 5mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm, with 12mm being the most popular with two 4mm glass panels. You can choose to have the spacer filled with gas or vacuumed.

  • Insulation- Double glazing increases the insulation of your home. Absorbing less heat from outdoors and expelling less heat from inside.
  • Security- While double glazed doors in Liverpool use glass, they still make an investment in upgrading your home's security. Double glazing is harder to break through than single glazing. A burglar will have to break through two layers of glass to get in.
  • Energy Efficient-  Double glazed doors with their effectiveness in thermal insulation and natural light allows you to use less energy, to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill.

Custom Make Doors for your Home, Office or Business

Double Glazed Doors in Your Home

Double glazed doors make a great design choice for your home garden or backyard in Woolloomooloo. Installed between your living room and your back patio or porch, they brighten up your room and make the room appear larger. Bringing the outdoors closer to you and your family. Furthermore, you can rest assured your backyard doors are secure from any attempted backdoor burglary.

Double Glazed Doors at Your Office

Double glazed doors also provide some excellent acoustic and thermal insulation for your office. Helping you keep your workers comfortable, focused and on task. This type of glass also develops less condensation, making them easy to clean and look after, with no unexpected mould or bad smells. Saving you from wasting unnecessary money or time.

Double Glazed Doors in Your Business

Installing glass doors in your business can allow you to make your store look more inviting to customers, as well as filling the store with more natural light. A double-glazing installation also provides strength to your door's surface, making a tougher door surface to break through than single glazing. You can also choose to install a double-glazed door in Liverpool with toughened glass for extra security, which wields the 4-5 times the toughness of regular glass.

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