Attractive Louvre Shutters in Double Bay

Made for the weather, aluminium louvre shutters in Double Bay are strong and sturdy able to easily take the force of wind, rain, sun and hail without developing rust. Ensuring a long life for your investment.

You can contact the experts at Securalux to custom order louvre shutters in Double Bay that perfectly suit your location and application.

With their renowned adjustability, louvre shutters make the perfect solution for shade and privacy inside and outside the home.

Design Options in your Louvre Shutters in Double Bay

Bifold Louvres

Enclose an outdoor home BBQ dining area with bifold louvre shutters in Double Bay, letting you fold away the partitions where you want the breeze to come in or create a barrier that helps shut out the smoke.

Fixed Louvres

Fixed louvres are a popular louvre shutter installation for modern and contemporary homes. Fitting them on tall and wide windows, they allow great light and clarity in during the day and privacy later when you need it.

Hinged Louvres

Picture picturesque provincial charm with hinged plantation louvre shutters over casement or French doors. Hinged louvre shutters look and act the most like doors, making a great added security and design feature. They also do well if you want to leave the door open for some breeze but also want some obscurity for privacy.

Sliding Louvres

Great for balconies, you can slide louvre shutter panels to move with the sun for effective yet easy shading. These wide panels are also great for completing a modern or contemporary aesthetic.

Why you should install Louvre Shutters in Double Bay -

1. They are weather resistant and great for the outdoors
2. You can use them to control the light and breeze outside
3. They offer protection from strong wind and flying debris
4. Provide shading and sun protection to outdoor guests
5. Make your home energy efficient with its insulation
6. Increase your privacy from neighbours
7. Reduce noise

Home Building with Securalux

At Securalux, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing unique custom windows for our clients in Double Bay for many years. With almost 50 years of experience in building and construction, we understand what home improvements make people most enjoy their homes.

Therefore, at Securalux our customers always come to us because

High technical knowledge: We at Securalux have 22 years in doors and windows. Using our technical knowledge, we create high quality products that our clients love.

High professionalism: At Securalux, we offer a complete range of services in which we work with our clients in every step. Starting from designing windows to post-installation, we leave no job incomplete.

Best quality products: We always use the best quality materials from Italy to make and create our windows.

Superior craftsmanship: We take every care in design, manufacturing, and installation to ensure a superior finish.

Long warranty: We only offer the best quality aluminium louvre shutters, that come with several years of warranty with their long life and durability.

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