Elegant Louvre Shutters in Dover Heights

Louvre shutters are one of the best inclusions people in Dover Heights are investing in these days to take their home to the next level. These shutters combine beauty, versatility and durability into an adjustable application that gives your premises a clean and modern look.

You can install aluminium louvre shutters in Dover Heights over your windows or in your outdoor alfresco and living areas, such as your pergola, patio, carport, balcony, and veranda.

A High Quality Finish Every Time Aluminium Louvre Shutters

The louvre shutters we offer are manufactured in Australia using the best quality materials sourced from Italy, paired with renowned European design. Our experts ensure precision and quality in every step of the process even starting from the first time we visit your home, business or office to give you a measure and a quote.

As a company, we are dedicated to creating stylish quality products that have a well-oiled function and are built to last.

An Array of Applications

Room Dividers - Many love the style that louvre shutters have in Dover Heights. For this reason, louvre shutters are often used and can benefit from some added noise dampening or privacy. 

Balcony Enclosures - Protect a balcony and shield it from harsh sun, rain and wind with louvre shutters. Creating a comfortable nook in your home to read or hang out. The aluminium louvre shutters that we make at Securalux are also rust free and low maintenance to offer you greater ease with cleaning.

Privacy Screens - Get added privacy from neighbours and occasionally from other family members with louvre shutters. Louvre shutters in Dover Heights make the perfect privacy screen; they can easily be adjusted to get the perfect balance of obscurity, air and light.

Window Protection - You can protect your windows from hail, wind, direct sun and attempted break ins by installing aluminium louvre shutters in your home in Dover Heights. They also readily increase the security of your home.

Different Louvre Options to Choose From -

  • Bi-fold louvres: The louvre shutter panels in this installation are able to fold up on another and be pushed away to reveal wide sweeping entrances and views. This can be a great design option for to completely enclose the alfresco area, while still being able to let in more light and area during pleasant weather.
  • Fixed panel louvres: Fixed simply means stationery. A fixed panel louvre can make a credible option for windows, outdoor ceilings or privacy screens.
  • Hinged louvres: Hinged louvres are one of the most popular louvre applications for glass doors and windows. Pair hinged louvre shutters with a French door for some provincial charm that will never go out of style.
  • Sliding louvres: If you need privacy and proper sun protection in a limited area, sliding louvre shutters make a popular option. Sliding louvres make a popular option for balconies, as you're easily able to slide shade from one side to the other according to the sun's position for the best shade anytime in the day.

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