Easily Operated Louvre Shutters

Versatile comfort and style in Darling Point, Dover Heights and Double Bay

At Securalux, we are adept at designing, manufacturing and installing custom aluminium louvre shutters for our clients across Sydney.

Aluminium louvre shutters are considered an extraordinary alternative to timber thanks to a host of benefits offered by them. Strong, durable and weatherproof, they extend the life of your investment for long lasting comfort, use and value. 

Installing louvre shutters over your windows or outdoor alfresco areas add value to your home by creating greater comfort in these locations that you can enjoy year-round. Low maintenance and rust proof, they'll also pay for themselves in the amount of time, energy and cleaning costs you'll save.

You can contact the experts at Securalux to help you put together a shutter solution to elevate the style and comfort of your home or building.

The Advantages of Louvre Shutters -

  • Shade

Louvre shutters help you control the amount of shade that you get inside and outside the home or building. By swivelling the louvre blades, you can choose between full obscurity, partial cover or allow in the maximum amount of outside light.

  • Shelter

Whether you're facing rain, wind or shine, louvre shutters help make your outdoor areas comfortable and easily accessible by offering shelter from bad or harsh weather conditions.

  • Privacy

In addition to the shade, the obscurity of louvre shutters lets you maintain privacy from neighbours while allowing in some air and light.

  • Durable

Made from aluminium, Securalux louvre shutters are sturdy and weatherproof.

  • Style

Louvre shutters are also classically renowned for their modern and provincial style.

Different louvre shutter styles at Securalux

We offer a variety of options in colour, design and size in the louvre shutters we design, create and install in Darling Point, Dover Heights and Double Bay. Louvre shutters offer a great amount of versatility in application. Many people across Sydney use them as an answer to privacy screens, extra security, room dividers or alfresco enclosures.

We provide different options of function and installation, such as:

  • Bifold louvres

For a classic louvre partition, consider bifold louvre shutters. Bifold louvre shutters can fold onto another and be pushed away to the side to open or close, as well as to partially shade your guests. Bifold louvres offer a great option for balconies, or to enclose a patio or pergola.

  • Fixed louvres

Fixed louvre shutters make a great solution for industrial style pergola. They can also be used as a great privacy screen to install on the side of your balcony or other areas outside your house.

  • Hinged louvres

Opening much like most doors, hinged louvres make a popular installation over tall glass doors and other large windows.

  • Sliding louvres

Easily accessible partial coverage, sliding louvre shutters can be easily adjusted wherever they are installed to move with the direct angle of the sun. Making them an often-great option for small balconies.

Your partner in Louvre Shutters in Sydney Securalux

Securalux is an Australian owned company. We source the highest quality materials from Italy and manufacture our products locally. Using refined European design and our in-depth expertise, we ensure a high quality, polished finish in every product we create.

Find out more about the custom louvre shutters we have been creating in Darling Point, Dover Heights and Double Bay, contact us today on 0412 993 256.